Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Well this is the 2nd part to the earlier one cos I got too tired. This is for the other 4. Its not that you're not as important, its just that I just got tired. You're all probably thinking PFFFFFFFFT What a fat newb.


Would like to thank you again for a great birthday. I haven't really gotten to know you until last year. The jokes have been crazy. From Le Construction to the other mindless jokes we've talked about. Thanks for always putting up your house for us. If not for your house we wouldn't have had such a great place to hang out at most of the time. I've always enjoyed going out with you, it was fun. You know its fun when that one time, when we went to get Sy & Lk's presents. Then I had that cheek/jaw ache. Whenever I laughed it would ache but I still laughed like crazy. We're definitely going for that marathon this year end. Half marathon RIGHT? YES! (Eh i dunno if its half or full) I'm going to start training when I stop working. Attachment EWWWWWWWWWW. Looking forward to flattening more of Nick's burgers with you. Never forget the memories & enjoy your time in the army. Get through it & get it done with. I hope you & Sy are bunk mates! Man that would be fun. I can imagine it now, halfway marching, LAUGH, halfway showering, LAUGH. While doing push ups. LAUGH MORE! Oh I forgot to add, we need to get mroe Jaegerbombs once you get out of NS. MORE SHOTS. MOAR! We need to try Rock Lobster, my friend tells me its awesome but I have yet to find a bar which serves one.


We've been in the same project for 2 years back then. All we got were 2 plastic stars. Big Whoop but at least we got so many fun memories to look back at. Just dulan Yong Ann. I called you so many names...from Lulu to Baboon. I forgot why I even called you Baboon, it was just retarded. I did like it though! At least we get to do stuff more now cos you're "Working" HEY GUYS DONT RUN AR MUST WALK!! I hope you enjoy your hamster. Naming it Aaron would be the best choice you've ever made. Such an awesome name. Hahahahhaha. Just continue to insult Adrian. Nonstop insulting of Adrian = win. Just zham Adrian. You're one of the few friends I've known who actually like British humour. Its difficult to get it, but its so hilarious. I wish you all the best at work. Hope its the slackiest thing you've ever done. Night Baboon! God Bless =)

Hao Feng:

I haven't really gotten to know you yet. I just know that you're hilarious. Thats a fact. Thanks for coming for my birthday, I knew that you were working that day but you still came. Thanks ar! We have until April til you, Muthu & yeehee go into the army. We have to play poker again soon and maybe partner ever. See we're so pro, we can just solo & win the other 2 people. That's how good we are! I remember last time when Sy or Yi He (Forgot who) told you to choose between us & the KBox gang. LOL damn funny. "ITS EITHER US OR THEM! You have to choose now, there's no 2 way choice. Muthu's constantly talking about Uncle Wee Hock. Its not even funny but everytime he says it I just laugh like siao. Eh next time just zham Adrian more. More fun that way. Now on MSN he's complaining cos his section on this blog is short -_-. I wish you all the best for the army. I hope you get into something fun. Something which you can enjoy? I think. lol National Slavery.

Yi He:

Hi Yeehee! What a newb. Hahaha. You have til April to enjoy life until Slavery begins! GG. Poker has always been fun. Raisy Daisy! Sometimes you shouldn't take it too seriously. Its more fun when you crap during poker. I still remember the secondary school days. Ever since that day when I first went out with you, lk, sy & muthu to eat lunch every friday. It was fun. I wished I was less anti-social during the secondary school days, I would've enjoyed secondary school days more. Now I kinda regret it. I really wish you all the best for your army life. I hope it'll change you for the better. Don't smoke boy. SMOKE ISH BAD. I hope you get into something which you actually want to get into, not something crappy. I would name something crappy but I don't know the army life for nuts. I never minded passing you all my songs so don't think I'm pissed or sad cos of that. I always enjoy sharing with my close friends. That's all for now really, I can't think of anything else to say. =o

Monday, January 5, 2009

I've never been good with words in real life actually, typing has always been better for me. I tend to say the wrong things or I would say it differently and worry if you guys really got the right message from it. Gen kinda gave me the idea for this, she asked me to get everyone to send Andrew notes, so I thought about it. Why not do 1 huge one for everyone? You each have an individual section so just scroll down. Its 1 per section. Over the years, I've grown closer to everyone of you. A lot of people have priorities in life, mine has always been like this:
God->Friends(You Guys)&Family(including GF)->Music->Other Stuff.

As I am super tired. This part is for Adrian, Andrew, Muthu, Lk, Hy & Sy. The rest I will type out tmr. Sorry sorry. It is NOT in the order of importance.

I'll start alphabetically and try to stick with it.


Always the conservative one. Always giving advice to me. Could never ask for anymore. You supported me when I needed money to get a new guitar, even though I had an old one. It wasn't a NEED but it was a WANT, yet you still gave me that $100 for my birthday last year. I will never forget it. I stress on the never. Try to be less stubborn sometimes, especially to your parents. Flexibility is always good. Don't always have to go your way, sometimes others have a better path for you. You won't know unless you try. I know I've been a spendthrift & reckless in gambling. I've changed in terms of the gambling but as for the spending, I'm improving. I still regret buying those boxers -_-. Crap sia, got too happy on my birthday. Thanks for the planning. I know I was sad on that day cos of a few things happening. Bus took so long lah bla bla but it was still a memorable day. One I would never forget. (I forget a lot of stuff) I hope you change as a person for the better while you're in the army. Never smoke, never do stupid stuff when you're in there and always keep in contact.


Music was our thing, music is still our thing. Something we can never let go. So glad you picked up guitar. Its something where you'll cherish even in your old age. Never stop playing. You're not always there for gatherings or sometimes you leave early. It was always okay with me. Wished you could stay but I understood the way your life was. Shooting, Studying & Gf. Yeah busy life. I've always wanted such a fulfilled lifestyle but I could never do it, I just loved sitting around playing my guitar or watching tv too much. It was never my thing to go into sports or do this or do that. I'll never lose the birthday card or Christmas card you made/gave me. Its just too difficult to lose things so important. Yeah I agree we'll always be brothers in Christ. So what if we're Catholic & Christian. Its the same One & Only God. So it doesn't matter, just different ways of worshipping him. I'm sorry that I've not been able to attend Y.I.S.S. Its not that I don't want to, its that I can't =/ I really want to actually but I've always wanted to go only if you went. I don't really like experiencing these things alone. I've done it before, it wasn't that nice for me. I've never really EXPERIENCED God in a camp though. Real life? Yes kinda. I just know he's there watching over me, every step I take. I wish you all the best in the army. God's always watching. He'll never leave you alone.


Note how I said HY not Hao Yuan. lol. What can I say, you're my best friend. Always will & always will be. Nothing can change that. "Don't Care" Attitude. People often say, how come can you be best friends with him, he always don't care. I'd be like "So What?" It never really mattered. We have so many things in common. Its endless. They're all minor things thats why no one could really understand why we were friends in the first place. Playing computer games when you and the rest or sometimes just with you were one of the most fun things ever. We just had good teamwork. It was just there. Okay, go online & own. Nothing more. I always looked forward to Pool on fridays. The cake was just a bonus. Ever since JC started & we went to different schools, I felt computer games & pool were the only way I could ever really talk to you like I used to be able to back in secondary school. I miss our younger days. I remember the first time I went to your house, your Dad put a can of glue on the table and then you said "See first day you come my house, my Dad teach us how to smell glue"LOL retarded. You've always been there for me when I asked for help. If I didn't ask, nothing would happen. I always knew that lol. You helped me through relationships the most & I thank you so much for that. I wish you all the best in the army. Just take it day by day and never lose your don't care attitude. After your NS, I'm going to be asking you to go to church more. Try to if you can. If you cannot wake up we go for afternoon service. I want my best friend up there with me next time. Its a must.


I'll never call you by your real name. Muthu's just too awesome. Seriously. Such a great friend. How I know that? You were early for my birthday. That says so much, you can't even imagine. It was never a mistake to play WoW with you. I met so many new friends & I got to know you better. I think if I didn't play WoW, I wouldn't have been able to get to know you like I know you today. If not for you, the group wouldn't have been as complete. You were always there to start the jokes, to start the flaming insults & to start the games kinda. Never fail to make me laugh like siao. I'll never forget last year's New Year's Eve. One of the most memorable events ever. ON THE TV AND JUST FLAME. I felt you always tried to make me feel bettter by getting me to laugh like last time the year before you guys had A lvls. You said go and make bots with Mannered & Abuseyouasuka. LOL. Missed the dota days. Good fun. Wish you all the best in the army. I seriously wished for you to be a Christian again. I've been trying to get you to go to church but its difficult for me. I don't know how to. It's like, I KNOW for a fact that God's out there. All you have to do is have some faith & believe. It's all up to you, I never force people into religion. "Just say YES!!" LOL k I would write more but I seriously very tired. Night Muthu =)

Lian Kai:

The thing I liked about you the most was also the thing I liked about Adrian. The advice. Priceless. You never seem to fail with good advice. Whether it'd be real life stuff, dota or poker. It'd be good most of the time. I always enjoyed talking to you. We could always find retarded stuff to talk about. Failure at liqour. Seriously but thanks for buying =D. Gin was super cheap. I hope you had a fun time in Turkey. SCREENSHOTS OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN! You always looked out for me. I could tell, well, Adrian told me. I felt that I don't have much to type about you. We just had a lot of fun times together and we both know it, there's not much to say on a blog. Wish you all the best in the army. I hope you get into the Music & Drama thing so we can hang out almost everyday. Woah fun! Wheeeeeeeeee. Would like to write more but also very tired. Its like 12:30am now & I have work tmr. Doh!

Song Yuan:

Laughter is the best cure for everything. You sick also laugh. I remember that time we went to Minds Cafe to play monopoly. You were sick yet you still could smile retardedly & joke. I picked up my retarded side from 2 things. You & comedy shows. If not I'd be a pretty boring person. Thanks! Hahahaha. Going out with you was always something to look forward to. You always had good ideas in terms of where to eat, what to do & the endless amount of crapping. Without you the group wouldn't be as full & fun as it is. There would be something lacking. I know you've always taught me how to exercise & what steps to take. I will be applying them seriously once my work ends. I really have no motivation to start now. Too tired everyday & I've been trying to practice guitar for one hour everyday. For me, music plays a bigger role in my life compared to getting muscles etc. You don't know how happy I was when I heard you accepted God in your life. It was the best decision you've ever made. My only advice is to try to stop gambling, I know its very difficult but just try, it'll turn out for the better. I did it, you can definitely do it too. You can do fun stuff without gambling involved. I always felt your church was a bit...hard on its members. Kinda strict I think. Probably cos I'm not a member thats why I don't know the whole situation but from my point of view, it seems strict. If you can apply everything the pastor says in your life then continue to grow in Trinity. There were so many fun times that we all had together. It was great, just great. I'm so tired I can't remember much. Wish you all the best in the army. Watch what you do & remember that God is ALWAYS there for you. ALWAYS. Never forget that and also act fast, you never know when God might be coming.

To be Continued...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

8:30 - 9:30 - Breakfast / Trying to practice My Redeemer Lives
9:30 - 10:45 - Played Bridge online / Shower
10:45-12 - Practiced My Redeemer Lives
12 - 12:30 - Learnt how to cook fish from Grandma
12:30 - 1:00 - Lunch
1:00 - 2:00 - Played Bridge online with Sy & Lk
2:10 - 4:00 - Practiced My Redeemer Lives
4:00 - 4:10 - Polished Guitar
4:10 - 4: 15 - Polished Shoes
4:15 - 4:20 - Kept Cables, Pedal, Guitar etc.
4:20 - 4:35 - Cleaned Room
4:35 - 4:40 - Shower
5:00 - 6:00 - Watched Kamelot "One Cold Winter's Night" DVD
6:00 - 9:15 - Went to Causeway Point for Dinner with Parents & Grandma
9:30 - 10:30 - Slacked around
10:30 - 12:15 - Wahjong & Bridge with Sy & Lk

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Went out with muthu, gene, sy, hf & lk to toa payoh to have dinner. Then we went to the arcade again. I took a photo of sy and gene playing this weirdass video game where you throw stuff and ppl and your hero and take on different forms. Watching them was hilarious. It was more fun watching them then playing other games. Hahahahhahaa

Okay the first picture on the left is Chris' band. Watched them play at Blue Jazz Cafe on one of the friday nights. They play really old school funk. Never heard of the songs before but it was great.

You've seen my guitars, now you get to see my pedals! YAY? lol. Thats my pedalboard. Its a Pedaltrain SC 2. I have 10 pedals in total. 9 only shown on the board. 1 of them is my Drive Breaker II which I love and I constantly use with my amp when I'm too lazy to drag out my board. I don't know how my pictures got inverted upside down. The pedal on the far left is the volume pedal. Starting from the top (which actually is the bottom since the picture's inverted) its Fuzz - Overdrive - High Gain Distortion - Mid Gain Distortion. Then the bottom would be my Tuner - Phaser - Delay - Chorus. I love all my pedals. I make sure I do enough research on them before I buy them and of course I ask Brandon about them first. His advice to me has never failed me so far. All of these pedals have been researched on except the phaser. I tried it at TYMusic and loved it immediately so I just bought it.

The picture on the top right shows you my rhythm machine and recorder. Can never do without the rhythm machine (drum machine), helped my timing SO much.

Yeah so I went a bit crazy with the chips and bought 5 sets of Daniel Negreanu's Clay Composite 11.5g chips. It was on sale for 20 bucks a set, 200 chips a set. I bought 5 sets to make it an even 1000 chips & bought the 1000-chip aluminum case to carry all of it. The lowest picture is the 5 smaller cases which they came in. Pretty neat. Bought them from this guy called Ken. He owns a warehouse at Kallang. Sells poker stuff as something on the side. He gave me some extra stuff. His poker cards are pretty good, have to remember to bring them along to play with the guys when their A levels are over. I would have to say apart from playing guitar & listening to music, poker would be the next best thing I like to do.

Other than those things, I also watched Tropic Thunder with my girlfriend over one of the weekends. Funnyass movie. Hahahahhaha. You have to watch it to know why. I also managed to watch Pineapple Express cos gotti got me the link for it. It was one of the best movies I've watched. Hilarious crap. Ate dimsum with her and my family one sunday too. Omg so gooooooooooood. FOOD GOOD YES YES.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I haven't blogged in quite some time. Its due to the limited amount of free time I actually have to spend right now. I'm trying to get myself to practice at least an hour of guitar after work. After that I get so tired I just totally ignore the computer sometimes.

Yesterday was Eugene's sleepover thing. I met her at AMK MRT before we went to Eugene's house. Hy, Reca, Sy, Lk, Muthu, Nick went but only Nick, Hl and I stayed over. (Plus Eugene's school mates too) We arrived around 2:30. Played bridge until around 6pm when we left for Miss Clarity's Cafe. I seriously thought it was at Bugis but there was one at Thompson. Waited quite awhile for all of Eugene's friends to show up before we could order. Had the oxtail stew then the bread and butter pudding with ice cream for desert. OMG that was sooooo good. Once we went back to Eugene's house, played mahjong until 12 45am. When most of my friends left. After that we just hung around the house, played bridge blackjack, watched tv. Spent a lot of time with her, which was great. After a week of boring TIRING work, yesterday took such a load off. We both slept for like an hour+, I had breakfast with her and we both went back to my place for lunch. I couldn't sleep yet, I had an audition for the main service guitarist at my church. I managed to pass it but I just got a message from the guy saying I have to sign up for Ministry & Membership class but I don't even know what that is. Have to sign up by tmr and the next one's in I'm clueless right now. Going to bed soon, will post up some photos soon. Its 8:20pm but I'm dead tired. I'm sure she's probably sleeping already. Haha. NIGHT.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I went to Davis with Sy and Tommy yesterday. Sy asked me to help him pick out a guitar for CL. I think we got a pretty good one. It sounded nice for something that costs $120. We got a Fina acoustic, I chose the one with the non laminated neck, its so much smoother. smoooooth yaaaaaay
I met her at Fish & Co. I wanted to stay for like 5mins but I just accompanied her all the way. Haha